Air freight delivery of auto parts

Our international freight forwarding company company specializes in air freight delivery of auto parts from the UK to Moscow and St. Petersburg. Typically, clients who want to buy automotive parts in the UK often do not speak English, and sometimes cannot find the stores they are searching for through search engines. Below is a small list of online auto part stores from which our customers often buy parts, and these stores have proven to be reliable suppliers, timely and always accurately send the items back to the warehouse location.

If you cannot find the car parts you need for your vehicle, please contact us, and we will help you for absolutely free on the condition that the parts are sent through our company.

We can also help you afford purchases made in online stores (commission is only 10%) if you cannot afford your purchase with the help of your credit card. We accept the following payments:

  • Bank transfers
  • Western union
  • Money gramm
  • Pay-pal

After buying auto parts in the UK online store, the seller will usually ship them within 2-3 days to our warehouse. Upon receiving the package, we provide customers with an invoice delivery and customs clearance in Russia, and after payments, the package can be picked up within 5-7 days in one of our warehouses located in Moscow or Saint Petersburg.

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